Cheer yourself up

I laughed a lot over the past couple of days watching these gems. Click on the links to watch. Abigail’s Party It’s 43 years old but still brilliantly funny Motherland The mothers go away for the weekend Taskmaster Comedians play silly games. I’m a big fan of Greg Davies.

A walk along the river

It wasn’t as sunny as I’d hoped on this 8 mile walk to and through Nonsuch Park and along the Hogsmill River in Ewell.

Navigating with a phone

A walk (8.5 miles) through 3 commons was not quite a disaster but wasn’t without problems. I’ve come to rely on my mobile phone and the OS Maps app for navigation. On long walks I always take a battery pack to recharge the phone if necessary, but today I forget the charging cable. Half wayContinue reading Navigating with a phone

A walk on Epsom Common

It’s some time since I last walked on Epsom Common so on a fairly sunny day this is where I walked today. On a pleasant enough 5.6 mile walk, mainly through woods, there are a couple of attractive ponds. There’s also a small pond next to The Cricketers Inn (first image).

More books

A selection of books from a couple of charity shops, all for the grand sum of £6.50.

John D MacDonald

In my twenties (or was it thirties?) I read many of the American crime/ thriller novels of Ross Macdonald and John D MacDonald. Both authors are highly regarded and I remember much enjoying the books. Decades later, on one of my occasional clear-outs, I disposed of their books and those of other authors. I remember thinking twiceContinue reading John D MacDonald

Getting books during covid

In these difficult times I’ve been getting my reading material from different sources: Re-reading books from my shelves ebooks downloaded from my local library Blackwell’s online bookshop Today I ventured into our local Waterstones and came away with three books. I can’t say that wearing a mask for the length of time it takes meContinue reading Getting books during covid

A woodland walk

This morning started out cloudy and cool, but quickly turned into a scorcher. Walking around the back of the prison walls I sometimes hear the prisoners out exercising, but not today. What they would give to be in my walking boots! This must be the third time I’ve done this 11-mile, circular walk, and onContinue reading A woodland walk

Farthing Downs

A local walk on the beautiful Farthing Downs…

Scarborough September 2020

This was our first time away since the pandemic began, visiting old haunts on the Yorkshire coast whilst being cautious with social distancing. Scarborough was heaving, perhaps with all those people who would normally have gone to warmer countries at this time of year.

Filey September  2020

Filey is well worth a visit for its unspoilt sea-front and glorious sands and for its outstanding feature, the Brigg, a long narrow peninsula jutting into the North Sea. When the tide is out the nimble-footed can walk onto the rocks.

A 10 mile local walk

This is the first blog post for three weeks and it’s of a 10.3 mile local walk that took three and a half hours. Mainly woodland paths, I discovered some new areas to explore further. It was a good warm-up for some long Autumnal walks including, hopefully, some legs of the Solent Way walk IContinue reading A 10 mile local walk

Art on a walk

On a 6-mile walk, some artists were beginning their work in the park, where there were some lovely plants. And at the end of the walk the new barbers was almost ready to open.

Stony Stratford

It’s a nightmare going by car from North Surrey to Milton Keynes. Getting there it was the South/North Circular – a mere 14 miles in the first hour, followed by the M1 motorway. The return journey was M1 and M25 which was going well until it wasn’t. Five hours total driving is no fun onContinue reading Stony Stratford

A spider’s next meal

A little fly and a big fly, trapped in a spider’s web. I think that’s the spider tucking into the big fly. The little fly will be its pudding!


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