Wagon Wheels are not bland!

Nearly 7 years old Chloe says Wagon Wheels are bland! I was astonished that she could think this but also that she knew the word ‘bland’!! Her Dad thinks they taste of cardboard. <shakes head>

Sleep cycle snow

It’s the day after my birthday and I woke up to check the results of an app I had loaded onto my phone to monitor my sleep cycle – just a bit of fun. I don’t know whether this chart is good or bad. I woke up feeling grotty, but that’s normal. There doesn’t seemContinue reading Sleep cycle snow

It’s my birthday!

What do you give someone of a certain age who likes to indulge just a little?

My family worry about me when I go out for a hike!

Next time my family worry about me when I go out on one of my solitary hikes, I’ll remind them of this video. The nonchalance regarding the obvious dangers is truly bizarre. Watch until the end to see the majestic finale. Best watched full-screen, in HD and on a big screen.

13 miles!

I extended my occasional 10-mile walk with an additional loop at roughly half-way, and what a delightful stretch it was. There were plenty of walkers out on a lovely spring-like day and I got chatting to a delightful man as he enjoyed his picnic. A retired headmaster, his walks were more like 3 miles andContinue reading 13 miles!

My first Python code

For a challenge I’ve tried to teach myself the Python programming language. It’s a big language with many features which I, as an ex-programmer from many decades ago, am unfamiliar with. But I’ve managed to write and test the code below, though I’m not sure I want to take this much further. I’ll see…..

Berlin bookstores

I’ve just started reading this second-hand, 1973 paperback  - a Christmas present from my son’s German girlfriend. Admire the book’s yellow pages – it’s 48 years-old! The enclosed bookmark says the book came from one of the many Berlin bookshops selling English books. Astonishingly, Berlin bookshops are considered ‘essential services’ during lockdown and allowed to stay openContinue reading Berlin bookstores

The sun shone for 20 seconds

On a 10.4 mile walk taking just over 3 hours, the sun came out for a mere 20 seconds. Fortunately my camera was primed and ready to shoot.

Not an artist

What have I talked myself into? I casually suggested to my daughter that on a Zoom call I could do some painting with the little ones. So I invested in some gear, and here is my studio setup. My daughter suggested acrylic paints but I did find it all a bit fiddly squeezing bits outContinue reading Not an artist

Happy pics, by Iris

Here are a couple of bright, happy paintings by 4½-year-old Iris.Because it’s been such a lovely, sunny day.

Headley Heath

Spring has sprung on a walk on Headley Heath,on a lovely, sunny day but with a chilly wind.

A couple of songs

Who’d have thought this was Paul McCartney?Best listened to through headphones or speakers, and loud! A Paul McCartney song and Elvis Costello’s great voice.

Even the snowman has to wear a Covid mask!

When the snow came a fortnight ago I took this picture using the telephoto lens of my rarely used DSLR camera. Heavy snow is forecast for this weekend so I’m looking forward to taking more of the same. (A day after posting this I spotted the mask on the snowman, hence the re-titled blog post!).

A Grand Canyon walk

I came across this YouTube video and was knocked out. I’d love to do this Grand Canyon walk, but if not, this video is close enough to the real thing. On first viewing I thought the narrow path was rather scary, but each time I’ve come back to the video I’ve thought “I could doContinue reading A Grand Canyon walk

Art in the park

The entrance to Studio 9 of the Oaks Park Studios is not very inviting.It looks like something one might have found in Eastern Europe circa 1950. Stacked branches reminded me of……… ……. an early artwork by my daughter

The day after the snow came

A day after the snow came the predicted thaw began to take effect. The crisp layer of snow had become crunchy snow or worse still mud so that a walk along the Hogsmill River was at times a quagmire. Collapsed and demolished snowmen were much in evidence in Nonsuch Park.


This is the scene out the window at around 7am this morning. Who could have guessed at how the rest of the day would develop….


In this rare game of Scrabble I eventually came out a narrow winner. On seeing the WhatsApped (!) board my daughter questioned the word “shired” (played by me). I thought it meant something to do with horses but was I confusing it with “sired” or possibly thinking of Shire horses and creating a verb from anContinue reading Shired

How to Remotely Troubleshoot Your Relative’s Computer

I have a friend who occasionally rings me up with his computer problems. Yesterday he called to say his annual anti-virus licence was going to expire that day. He confessed to having ignored the renewal reminders! My experience with renewing McAfee anti-virus licences is that a) renewing from McAfee is ridiculously expensive, and b) not renewing fromContinue reading How to Remotely Troubleshoot Your Relative’s Computer


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