Hythe Ferry

The Hythe Ferry runs from Southampton, across Southampton Water, to the small village of Hythe. The future of the ferry, which was under threat, has recently been secured. Although Hythe village is not particularly interesting, it’s worth doing the return trip, not only because a boat trip is always interesting, but also because at Hythe the ferry docks at the end of a 640 metre pier dating from 1870, and where you can catch the most rickety of trains, dating from the 1920s, to take you to the village. All the images taken on my trip today can be clicked for larger pictures.

Classic Boat Festival & Great River Race

The Classic Boat Festival at St Katherine Docks was just one of two events I was interested in seeing on my visit to London yesterday. Over 40 vintage boats were on display and visitors were able to get close to, and in some cases onto the vessels.It’s worth clicking on these images to get an even better view!

My 2nd reason for yesterday’s trip was to see the annual Great River Race, in which over 300 boats row or paddle 21 miles along the Thames in a race that’s not for the weak or faint-hearted!

Finally from the day, a few images taken whilst walking and crossing both sides of the Thames. In the picture on the left the sand sculpture is awaiting its destruction by the incoming tide as the sculptor and his admirers look on.

The last 4 images capture the Shard from various places. It’s a fantastic building, adjacent to London Bridge station, and is well worth a visit just to stand at the bottom and look up as it disappears into the heavens.

Hamble, again

I make no apologies for taking yet more pictures of the River Hamble and the pink ferries! It’s a lovely spot, with a small waterfront and a consistently reliable café. Hamble village is also charming, with several pubs.

The short ride on the ferry, across the river to Warsash, is well worth the modest fare.

The Hythe Ferry, from Southampton

The ferry from Southampton to Hythe (The Hythe Ferry!) is a fabulous excursion for any visitor to Southampton. A 15 minute boat trip on what seems like an old tug, past a liner if you’re lucky, and then to the end of a 600 metre pier and on to a clunky old train along the pier (or you can walk it). The small town of Hythe is in need of updating, but that’s not what you come for – you come for the ride!

There is a rather good website for the ferry – http://www.hytheferry.co.uk.

I make no excuse for the large pictures below (click them for even bigger ones), nor for the extreme image enhancements. This blog is for my enjoyment and I like how the images have come out. I was using my old point-and-shoot camera, so JPG enhancements were very much necessary. I just went a bit far with the arty-farty stuff!
IMG_7595 IMG_7598 IMG_7599 IMG_7609 IMG_7613 IMG_7615 IMG_7617 IMG_7625  IMG_7632 IMG_7633

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