At 11 years our car is old, but these are over 100!

Between a walk to the village shops and the little ones coming for a visit, I was able to capture a few images of the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run as it passed by. It’s the longest-running motoring event in the world, the first run being in 1896. To qualify, the cars must have been built before 1905 and this year there were more than 400.

But not every one of these old vehicles makes it to Brighton!

Music on a sunny autumn day

I came across this quirky song by Andrew Bird and which I liked enough to put into the blog’s music area.

autumn-imgp2515On the briefest of walks we came across this rather lovely autumnal view through the trees.

Cheam Village gets a sweet shop!

The good news – Cheam Village now has a sweet shop which opened today.  The bad news – another barbers has opened, making 3 in the space of 50 metres, with the new one directly opposite an existing, established one.  So which one of these barbers will close first?  What Cheam really needs is a book shop, preferably a second-hand bookshop.

A Website.

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