Bosham – the tide was out

Bosham is a lovely village near Chichester. On a previous visit the tide was in, but today it was out. I think I prefer it when the tide is in. [Helpful public transport tip! Bus route 56, every 90 minutes or so from Chichester, takes you right down to Bosham harbour, whereas bus 700, every 20 minutes or so from Chichester, leaves you a mile from the harbour.]

For a second day I decided to take JPG images, intending to use the pictures straight from the camera – ie with no photoshopping. This also means I could use the panorama feature of my camera, whereby I can scan a wide scene and the camera will automatically take and stitch together multiple images into a panorama.

Sadly, I am not happy with the images straight from the camera and I have resorted to photoshopping to beef up the pictures. I’m not totally happy with the results – some pictures have come out better than others. I think in future I might take both JPG+RAW images so that if a JPG image is inadequate I can use the RAW file to do the photoshopping – this is the preferred way. Sadly this does rule out using the panorama feature, which only works when taking just JPG images.


Travelling by boat

The best bit about travelling to a destination by boat is the travelling by boat! However I’ve never experienced a rough boat trip, so it may not always be the case. The first of our voyages during our 48 hours in Lymington was the round trip to Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight.


Winchester is an historic city – ruins, walls, old buildings and a cathedral. But these aren’t my scene, and on a gloriously sunny day I was looking for images, for colour. In the event, I’m not happy with the few usable shots I took, so I’ve thrown in a Clapham Junction shot as well. Despite this, I found Winchester to be a pleasant place to visit, helped by a sunny day. It has a decent high-street and plenty of interesting side streets to explore. And I did manage to buy a book from an independent bookshop.

Whilst wandering around the city I received a text message – “Have you heard the news?” Not having a smartphone, I hadn’t, and fearing a nuclear strike on the Korean Peninsula (!), I rang L then J, only to discover that a general election has been called. This is not a big enough deal to justify calling off my visit!

Regarding the election, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is we’ve got 7 weeks of electioneering to endure. The good news is we’ve only got another 7 weeks with Corbyn as the leader of the Labour Party (remember you first read that prediction, here!).

On the train back I kept falling asleep / waking up and realising my mouth was wide open. That’s old-age for you.