Winchester is an historic city – ruins, walls, old buildings and a cathedral. But these aren’t my scene, and on a gloriously sunny day I was looking for images, for colour. In the event, I’m not happy with the few usable shots I took, so I’ve thrown in a Clapham Junction shot as well. Despite this, I found Winchester to be a pleasant place to visit, helped by a sunny day. It has a decent high-street and plenty of interesting side streets to explore. And I did manage to buy a book from an independent bookshop.

Whilst wandering around the city I received a text message – “Have you heard the news?” Not having a smartphone, I hadn’t, and fearing a nuclear strike on the Korean Peninsula (!), I rang L then J, only to discover that a general election has been called. This is not a big enough deal to justify calling off my visit!

Regarding the election, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is we’ve got 7 weeks of electioneering to endure. The good news is we’ve only got another 7 weeks with Corbyn as the leader of the Labour Party (remember you first read that prediction, here!).

On the train back I kept falling asleep / waking up and realising my mouth was wide open. That’s old-age for you.

IOW, Yarmouth to The Needles

I’m a huge fan of the coastal Hampshire town of Lymington and the coastal town of Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight, and of the ferry linking the two!

On a glorious spring day it took me four hours to get to Yarmouth (walk, train, train, train, ferry from Lymington). After spending just over four hours walking the coastal path to The Needles and around this wonderful location, I returned to the ferry port at Yarmouth on a windswept, open-top bus (watch your head on those overhanging trees!). Another four-plus hours to get back home, but what a glorious day, including much quality reading-time on the trains.

The first third of this coastal walk is barely coastal since it veers inland, through and around holiday-home estates, but after that it’s a pleasurable walk. It seemed to be mainly uphill all the way to the Needles!

As is becoming the norm, my blog images are big, and bigger still if you click on them. I’m still over-editing them so that some look more like paintings than photographs. Perhaps I want to be a painter but don’t have the necessary skills! Note that ghostly images 2 and 3 are of the wonderful Hurst Castle ( – another great place to visit from Lymington.