Shouldn’t that be Crêpe?

LoveCrepeThere’s a new place for a coffee / bite to eat in Cheam Village. On our first visit the cheese and ham crêpe was tasty and substantial but we found the lemon and sugar crêpe far too sugary. Next time I’ll ask for a lemon-only crêpe and I’ll add sugar from the sugar sachets!

It’s worth giving Love Crèpe (surely that should be Love Crêpe) a try.


Oscar Restaurant & Bar, Charlotte Street, London

CaptureOscar is a lively and attractive restaurant which is part of the Charlotte Street Hotel. For £35 per person we enjoyed a three-course late-lunch, followed by a film (Gone Girl) in the private cinema.

One of the cheaper bottles of wine at £27, plus coffees and a service charge of 12.5% bumped it up to £200 for the four of us, but we did have a very nice time and I would thoroughly recommend Oscar.

The film was pretty good, too, though the front couple of rows in the comfortable and small cinema are pretty close to the screen! The film Gone Girl is a curiosity. It’s a thriller, with several twists, that holds your attention for well over two hours. I was disappointed midway through the film when the the basic mystery was revealed. And I think many people were left stunned by the ending (“No way!”). But overall it was a pretty good movie.

Carluccio’s – Covent Garden

What a fun evening with friends at Carluccio’s, Covent Garden!

London was heaving – it was Friday night and Victoria tube station was closed due to overcrowding. Carluccio’s is always rather noisy, and upstairs was no exception. However all was fine; the company was entertaining, the food was good, the wine plentiful, and the service excellent. After 4 hours we departed and I slumped through my front door sometime after 1pm. A great night.

Stef’s Italian

Another really fine night out with Chris.
Coffee outside in the Covent Garden Piazza, a glass of wine in The Salisbury, and a really excellent meal at Stef’s Italian, which is just off Oxford Street. Finished off by another coffee near Piccadilly Circus, where I managed to lose and eventually recover my mobile phone, it was a great evening. Thanks mate!

Two large plums

Another fine meet with Chris on a pleasant summer evening.
Coffee outside in the Covent Garden Piazza, a couple of bottled beers outside Cafe Rouge, a very good baked chicken penne pasta and bottle of Sauvignon Blanc outside the Covent Garden Wildwood Italian restaurant, finished off by another coffee at an iffy pub near Trafalgar Square.