Captain Phillips

Captain PhillipsStarring Tom Hanks and based on a true story, the first half of Captain Phillips is good. The story then moves on and I’m thinking, hmm, downhill from now on. How wrong I was! A stunningly tense and exciting second half culminates in a hugely emotional ending. It’s another film in which I end up in tears! Highly recommended.


Prisoners is a curious film centered on the abduction of two children. At two and a half hours it’s a long film for a thriller. Whilst the film held my attention throughout, it’s slow moving and low on tension (there’s no music!). The only bit of tension, at the end, involving a car race against time, seemed oddly out of place. Still, I enjoyed the film.

This was a rare visit to an Odeon cinema. Not a patch on an independent cinema such as the Curzon cinemas.

Blue Jasmine

An absolute fabulous Woody Allen film with an astonishing performance from Cate Blanchett. Go see it! Interesting that they showed a trailer for the film just before showing the film! I closed my eyes.

What Maisie Knew

A fine film that brilliantly shows a child’s perspective on what tossers adults can be. An astonishing performance by the 6 year old child actor (Onata Aprile).


Wadjda is a gem of a film.

The story tells of an 11-year old Saudi girl hoping to get a bike. Set against the background of the difficulties women face in Saudi society, it’s an absolute joy.

The Wire

We’ve just completed viewing the 5th and final series of The Wire. That’s 50+ hours of magnificent television.  The final episode brilliantly tied up the varous storylines.

A confession: we needed to have subtitles on in order to follow the Baltimore slang!

Untouchable- a great movie

You must see the film Untouchable. A very funny and warm story that will have you laughing out loud and dabbing your eyes.  Like the poster says, ‘an absolute must see’.  Great, great, great! Don’t spoil it by looking up the reviews and finding out the plot. Enjoy. French with subtitles.

Le Havre

I hated the film Le Havre! I slept through some of the first half hour – did I miss anything? Hated it. Hated the acting, the story, the pacing. Puzzlingly 99% of reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes (link) rated it highly.