I took them – I hate them

I’ve made this mistake this before – a walk along the Wey Navigation, expecting the Autumn colours and a sunny day and being disappointed that neither was (were?) present. And I underexposed the images to protect what little there was in the sky, and I just can’t get Photoshop to make me happy with the results. On top of that the riverside pub charged me £3.95 for a coffee with hot milk. I’ve no idea what the dog was hoping for with its pleading eyes – it obviously didn’t know I’m not a dog lover.

OK, so I’m tired and grumpy. It was a long day – two trains, three buses, and no cake.

Annoying Stratford-upon-Avon

Annoyance(1): The prominently sign-posted park-and-ride facility gladly accepted our £1 compulsory parking fee. However the driver of a bus, which was clearly marked as a park-and-ride bus, informed us (and another annoyed couple) that the scheme hadn’t operated from this site since July last year. Thank you Warwickshire County Council!
Annoyance(2): My fault – I lost the dust cap on my camera lens. Again!

In between these two mishaps, Stratford-upon-Avon is a pleasant enough place if you’re in the vicinity or if Shakespeare is your thing.

Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon

A rant about an unnamed bookshop

Things I don’t like in an independent bookshop

  • Books squeezed in so tight that removal is difficult and replacement impossible.
  • Old, discoloured books mixed in with the new books, suggesting poor stock rotation.
  • Owners ranting on the phone to their suppliers. This is unprofessional. In addition, bookshops, like libraries, should be mainly quiet.
  • Books right at the back of the bottom shelf. I’m 6 feet tall with creaking knees.

I will always try to support a high-street bookshop and so, despite my gripes, I did manage to find two Christmas presents.

Train fare madness

Single ticket, London to Scarborough is £34 (with railcard).
Single tickets, London to York and York to Scarborough is £24 (with railcard).