Travelling by boat

The best bit about travelling to a destination by boat is the travelling by boat! However I’ve never experienced a rough boat trip, so it may not always be the case. The first of our voyages during our 48 hours in Lymington was the round trip to Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight.

Hurst Castle from the Isle of Wight

I’m too knackered to process and cull the 100+ images taken during 48 hours in Lymington, but here is a nice picture of the wonderful Hurst Point / Hurst Castle site, taken from the Isle of Wight. More to follow…

Hurst Castle taken from the Isle of Wight


Hurst Castle from 2 miles away, taken from the IOW ferry to Yarmouth
Ferry between Lymington and Yarmouth, IOW
Lymington on a scorching (30 degrees plus) day
Lymington coastal path at end of day
Lymington marina at the end of day
Lymington marina at the end of day


IOW, Yarmouth to The Needles

I’m a huge fan of the coastal Hampshire town of Lymington and the coastal town of Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight, and of the ferry linking the two!

On a glorious spring day it took me four hours to get to Yarmouth (walk, train, train, train, ferry from Lymington). After spending just over four hours walking the coastal path to The Needles and around this wonderful location, I returned to the ferry port at Yarmouth on a windswept, open-top bus (watch your head on those overhanging trees!). Another four-plus hours to get back home, but what a glorious day, including much quality reading-time on the trains.

The first third of this coastal walk is barely coastal since it veers inland, through and around holiday-home estates, but after that it’s a pleasurable walk. It seemed to be mainly uphill all the way to the Needles!

As is becoming the norm, my blog images are big, and bigger still if you click on them. I’m still over-editing them so that some look more like paintings than photographs. Perhaps I want to be a painter but don’t have the necessary skills! Note that ghostly images 2 and 3 are of the wonderful Hurst Castle ( – another great place to visit from Lymington.


My pictures look so green and dull

IMGP7434My blog looks so washed out. I need some orange or yellow, but I haven’t a suitable cheerful picture. Instead, I doctored an old picture of the Lymington to Isle of Wight ferry. It’s not ideal (no orange or yellow) but it’s OK.

I’ve ordered a prime lens (ie non-zoom) for my camera and I’m hoping I can produce some sharpness and colour. It’s an experiment.

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