Travelling by boat

The best bit about travelling to a destination by boat is the travelling by boat! However I’ve never experienced a rough boat trip, so it may not always be the case. The first of our voyages during our 48 hours in Lymington was the round trip to Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight.

Lymington at the end of the day

By choosing to process the raw image files rather than allowing the camera to do it for you, getting the light right can be difficult at the best of time, and the evening light is even harder. Usually I end up doing what takes my fancy, without too much consideration for whether it looks like it actually was when I took the picture. The picture of the yacht is a case in point – the light was nothing like that!



Hurst Castle from 2 miles away, taken from the IOW ferry to Yarmouth


Ferry between Lymington and Yarmouth, IOW


Lymington on a scorching (30 degrees plus) day


Lymington coastal path at end of day


Lymington marina at the end of day


Lymington marina at the end of day


Lymington to Keyhaven coastal walk

Many times we’ve walked along the coastal path between Lymington and Keyhaven. This time the weather was fine, but sadly the tide was out, so we saw mainly mud rather than water. Birds and twichers will always be found on the nature reserve which is next to this stretch of the coastal path.

This map [] shows the area.

At Keyhaven there is a pub, a car park and public toilets. There is also the wonderful ferry service to the glorious Hurst Castle, though not in the winter.