Battersea Power Station, London

If I’ve somewhat over-Photoshopped the images taken on my first visit to the Battersea Power Station development, my excuse is that it was a dull, grey day and the pictures needed some assistance – an artist’s privilege.
Viewed from a train, the development looks horrible, but once you get on foot onto the site it’s not so bad.
The residential accommodation seems ok and there’s lots of water and shrubs, though it can only been seen through a gated, steel fence. The overwhelming impression of the site is one of size. The former power station is enormous and it will be interesting to see what’s inside once this part of the development is complete. My little camera was ill-equipped for capturing decent close-up images of the huge structures. All images are clickable.

This image is rather busy. A potential jigsaw puzzle?

Classic Boat Festival & Great River Race

The Classic Boat Festival at St Katherine Docks was just one of two events I was interested in seeing on my visit to London yesterday. Over 40 vintage boats were on display and visitors were able to get close to, and in some cases onto the vessels.It’s worth clicking on these images to get an even better view!

My 2nd reason for yesterday’s trip was to see the annual Great River Race, in which over 300 boats row or paddle 21 miles along the Thames in a race that’s not for the weak or faint-hearted!

Finally from the day, a few images taken whilst walking and crossing both sides of the Thames. In the picture on the left the sand sculpture is awaiting its destruction by the incoming tide as the sculptor and his admirers look on.

The last 4 images capture the Shard from various places. It’s a fantastic building, adjacent to London Bridge station, and is well worth a visit just to stand at the bottom and look up as it disappears into the heavens.

London South Bank / Tate Modern

When I began my walk on the South Bank, at around 11am, it was surprisingly quiet. Usually this part of London is teeming with tourists, walkers and joggers. Even the beach was empty!

My intended destination was the huge Tate Modern building. The Turbine Hall was being prepared for what looked like an event rather than the usual display / exhibition.

Before tackling any museum or gallery it’s my firm belief that an energy boost is required.

There is a wonderful viewing gallery on the 10th floor of the new wing of Tate Modern.

Below, a heavily photoshopped panorama from the Tate Modern viewing gallery is followed by a more normal panorama of the Thames.

And finally, a colourful shot of Blackfriars Bridge with St Paul’s in the background, from where I caught my train home.