Along the South Bank to Canary Wharf

It was a dull morning when I set off from Waterloo station along the South Bank, heading for Canary Wharf on the other side of the Thames. Eventually the weather improved and became sunny / cloudy and this time I managed to locate the pier where the short ferry embarks and crosses the Thames to Canary Wharf – you have to walk through the Hilton Hotel reception! Finally a bit more walking along the North Bank until my feet gave up at Wapping Station.

Disappointed with the pictures, I decided that I would artify the best ones. (artify – to apply artistic techniques – the Urban Dictionary)

Along the Thames to Surrey Docks

I was going to walk from Waterloo Station along the north bank of the Thames, but when I saw the Shard in the distance I just had to visit this wonderful building zooming into the sky. A sunny day with the odd cloud made for some colourful pictures. However, sausage and mash, floating in a gravy pond, was not a good choice at the otherwise pleasant Moby Dick pub. Finally, a Banksy-like image on a wall.

The River Thames on a glorious afternoon

The yellow submarine in the third image belongs to the Common Sense Party. Its founder member, Howard Thomas, campaigns in a car and boat dressed up to look like a yellow submarine. See this Wikipedia entry for details! In 2014 he announced that he was leaving the Common Sense Party to join the UK Independence Party, so who uses the yellow submarine now is anyone’s guess!
IMGP7883 IMGP7889 IMGP7891

Battersea Power Station

Finally, Battersea Power Station is being redeveloped! The station ceased producing electricity in 1983. It’s a Grade II listed building and is the largest brick building in Europe. For a while you could visit the inside of the derelict building (see the second image). But now, development is under way – see the image and video below.
71ea5-imgp0904Battersea power station