Westhumble 6 mile walk

It’s a while since I had a decent length walk and so the return of the sun was an incentive to take one on.

Westhumble to Dorking is familiar to me, though today there was an unplanned, muddy detour towards the end. I’ve mapped the walk using Mapmywalk.com. I had a phase of mapping all my walks but somehow I lost the enthusiasm, but now I’m returning to the site to resume mapping.

A walk up Box Hill, Dorking

On a lovely, sunny day we took the steep path up Box Hill, which is not something we would normally do, and the gentle path down. It was a popular day for being at the top, with many families and cyclists enjoying the views. The cattle were nothing to be frightened of. I’ve just noticed that in the last photo not only does the animal not have a head but it also has just three legs!

A walk on Ashtead Common

We hadn’t been to Ashtead Common for a few years despite being not too far away. Although the day was grey, the Common was a lovely brown with the paths covered in leaves and mud. A surprisingly nice walk and a place to revisit.