Sheffield Park, Uckfield

On our way home at the end of our seaside holiday, a stroll around the National Trust’s Sheffield Park and Garden at Uckfield. These attractive formal gardens should be worth a re-visit when the autumn colours appear.

Eastbourne paragliders

We’re back at Eastbourne and our walk took us on a gentle climb along the lower level of the hill before a steep climb to the top. We’re hoping the weather stays fine for more cliff top walks. Today there were many paragliders, making for some rather nice images.

Nymans, West Sussex

On a lovely sunny day (at last!) we spent a couple of hours strolling around the beautiful gardens of Nymans in West Sussex, part of the National Trust. The house isn’t much, part house part ruin, but the gardens are lovely and there’s a small but very decent second-hand bookshop. We were also much impressed by the friendliness of the staff and volunteers.

And from the second-hand bookshop…..

Bosham – the tide was out

Bosham is a lovely village near Chichester. On a previous visit the tide was in, but today it was out. I think I prefer it when the tide is in. [Helpful public transport tip! Bus route 56, every 90 minutes or so from Chichester, takes you right down to Bosham harbour, whereas bus 700, every 20 minutes or so from Chichester, leaves you a mile from the harbour.]

For a second day I decided to take JPG images, intending to use the pictures straight from the camera – ie with no photoshopping. This also means I could use the panorama feature of my camera, whereby I can scan a wide scene and the camera will automatically take and stitch together multiple images into a panorama.

Sadly, I am not happy with the images straight from the camera and I have resorted to photoshopping to beef up the pictures. I’m not totally happy with the results – some pictures have come out better than others. I think in future I might take both JPG+RAW images so that if a JPG image is inadequate I can use the RAW file to do the photoshopping – this is the preferred way. Sadly this does rule out using the panorama feature, which only works when taking just JPG images.


Worthing & Steyning, Sussex

Some astonishing sea colours on our visit to Worthing on the South Coast. I recall seeing colours like this when we visited Lake Louise in Canada.

Not far from Worthing is the stunningly attractive and charming town of Steyning. The two pictures below give just a small indication of why it’s worth a visit. There is also a very pleasant high street with many small, independent shops and cafés.

Steyning IMGP1934

Steyning IMGP1936