My Sony camera is no more

One month on and my lovely Sony RX100 camera bites the dust. The lens will no longer fully retract or fully open and it’s just not economic to get it repaired.
With more than acceptable images coming out of my iPhone I don’t think I’ll rush to replace the Sony, and I still have my Pentax DSLR I can use. But the Pentax is bulky and weighs a ton, so I’ll only take it out when I have my rucksack to lug it around!

I’ve become a smart person

Finally, we’ve gone over to smartphones – iPhones, no less! I just need someone to ring me.

I’ve really taken to the speech recognition capabilities, which I’ve found to be amazingly accurate. It solves the problem of entering text when small keys come up against a bloke’s fingertips.

On a rather grim afternoon I tried out the photo capabilities. It’s not up to my camera’s image quality but, with a bit of help from Photoshop, images are acceptable on a web page.

It looks like a UK web site, but….

buyerbewareWhilst looking to source a camera battery I came across a web site with a web address and which in every respect looks like a UK web site.

But on the About page it states….

“We digsin to provide thoughtfully server for every battery buyers.”

I’m not sure what was intended, but it makes no sense to an Englishman! A simple check using shows the company is located in China!

New toy from Milton Keynes

At last – a decision and an action! I now have a new little camera to complement my bulky DSLR. It’s the highly rated Sony RX100 1 (the range goes up to 5) and, at first look, appears to be a very nice toy. I’m hoping for great things from this gadget but I have to get use to taking pictures using the screen rather than through a viewfinder. The first image I took is of the ground floor of the Milton Keynes Holiday Inn, which I can recommend for an overnight stay.