Traditional British puddings

Seeing this office canteen in the swish new office block of an old employer of mine reminded me of the early years I worked there. The canteen provided proper meals, cooked on the premises, the highlight being the traditional puddings – bread & butter pudding, treacle sponge, spotted dick, jam sponge. All with custard, all in huge portions, all a danger to health, all delicious. Friday was a bakery day and the kitchen would make breads and cakes for the workers to buy and take home. The company was still owned by its founder and had a family-business feel about it.

Eventually the company was sold – more than once – and the canteen closed to be replaced by a snack bar, so it’s wonderful to see what appears to be the reappearance of a proper canteen in the new office block and in a company ten times the size of the company I knew.

Conrad Phillips as William Tell

Sad to hear that the actor Conrad Phillips has died.


In the 1950s he played William Tell in the TV series of the same name. As a kid I loved that programme. Interestingly he also had a part in Fawlty Towers as a disgruntled guest.

richardgreeneI also loved the TV series Robin Hood starring the actor Richard Greene, who died in 1985.

Now, both actors are no longer with us, but many kids of the 50s will have fond memories of these two programmes and their stars.

The Hitch-Hiker (B & W movie from 1953)

Hitch-Hiker-movie-1953I randomly picked The Hitch-Hiker, a 1953 b&w movie from the Internet Archive. It turned out to be a tense and highly watchable thriller and, at a mere 70 minutes, well worth watching. It was the first film noir by a female director (Ida Lupino).

The Internet Archive is “a non-profit digital library offering free universal access to books, movies & music, as well as 435 billion[wow!] archived web pages”, and looks as if it could be an interesting place to explore.