Inspector Montalbano

Fazio, Montalbano, Mimi & Catarella

Yay, a new series of Inspector Montalbano (or is it a repeat?) to enjoy on Saturday nights! It’s an acquired taste – one really needs to be a regular in order to enjoy it – but so much to enjoy if you’re in on it.

The inspector is a serious man who takes his time to weigh-up and consider events and people. He does a wonderful ‘hmm’ whilst he’s considering.

Fazio is the inspector’s right-hand man who is methodical and precise when explaining something to the inspector. He jumps to conclusions – hence the need for Montalbano to be more cautious.

Mimi is the inspector’s deputy and in the early series was always carrying on with different women.

Catarella is an office-based policeman. He’s the fool who provides the element of over-the-top farce in the episodes. He gets over-excited, he trips over a lot, and makes considerable noise when he storms into the inspector’s office. Amazingly, he appears to be the computer whiz!

Conrad Phillips as William Tell

Sad to hear that the actor Conrad Phillips has died.


In the 1950s he played William Tell in the TV series of the same name. As a kid I loved that programme. Interestingly he also had a part in Fawlty Towers as a disgruntled guest.

richardgreeneI also loved the TV series Robin Hood starring the actor Richard Greene, who died in 1985.

Now, both actors are no longer with us, but many kids of the 50s will have fond memories of these two programmes and their stars.

The glorious Young Montalbano

A wonderful second story in the new series of The Young Montalbano. The Italian names of the story’s characters can be very confusing, but the context always manages to assist with resolving who is who.

There’s so much to be gained from being familiar with the main characters, their quirks, their repetitive behavior. It’s a quality soap with complex and rich crime stories. Funny, charming and brilliant.

The wonderful Frasier Crane

imageJust caught a wonderful episode of Frasier before another day of hospital visiting. Frasier dates a super-model but no one believes him. When he tries to obtain evidence by taking a selfie of himself and the sleeping supermodel in bed, the camera-flash fires and she wakes up and rightly goes berserk, leading to the end of the affair. Twenty-five minutes of brilliance.

I needed that to get me through the day.

Inspector Montalbano – The Potter’s Field

imageLast night’s The Potter’s Field is surely the most wonderful of the Inspector Montalbano TV adaptations. So funny, so much warmth between the characters and such a wonderfully complex yet manageable story. The acting is brilliant and you just get the feeling the actors are so enjoying their roles!

It may not be to everyone’s taste, but for those of us in on it, Inspector Montalbano is an absolute joy.

These are repeats and on checking back to 2012 I see I was just as enthusiastic about this episode. {“Back to form with a terrific story, once again exuding wonderful warmth and humour. Magnificent.”}

"It’s not a crime to cheat on your wife!"

A terrific second story in The Young Montalbano series. This is turning out to be as equally wonderful as the Inspector Montalbano series and it’s hilarious to see the references to the characters in the original series.

As I watched our hero open a bottle of wine and prepare a gorgeous plate of Italian food, I was driven to join him by quickly dashing to open a bottle of red!

An absolute joy.

Inspector Montalbano back to form

After a disappointing Inspector Montalbano (episode 10, The Gull’s Dance) two weeks ago, I’ve finally caught up with last week’s story (episode 11, The Potter’s Field). Back to form with a terrific story once again exuding wonderful warmth and humour. Magnificent. There’s just last night’s final episode to catch up on.