Josh Turner & Carson McKee

Josh Turner & Carson McKee

I came across these two lads on YouTube. Maybe you’ll like their talents and enthusiasm, too

Josh Turner and Carson McKee (the one in the red t-shirt) perform together as The Other Favorites.

A Paul McCartney song
“What…, what happened there?”
“I just played a wrong chord!”
“Oh, OK”

Chilly Gonzales

My son, now working in Berlin and learning to play the piano, has introduced me to the classical piano music of Chilly Gonzales. What a find! Enjoy and explore.

Some songs to enjoy

I’m playing these on a loop…

Gerry Rafferty – Full Moon
Another GR gem

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – That Life
Addictive & foot-tapping

Steely Dan – Any Major Dude Will Tell You
A glorious SD song

My family worry about me when I go out for a hike!

Next time my family worry about me when I go out on one of my solitary hikes, I’ll remind them of this video. The nonchalance regarding the obvious dangers is truly bizarre. Watch until the end to see the majestic finale. Best watched full-screen, in HD and on a big screen.

A couple of songs

Who’d have thought this was Paul McCartney?
Best listened to through headphones or speakers, and loud!

A Paul McCartney song and Elvis Costello’s great voice.

A Grand Canyon walk

I came across this YouTube video and was knocked out. I’d love to do this Grand Canyon walk, but if not, this video is close enough to the real thing. On first viewing I thought the narrow path was rather scary, but each time I’ve come back to the video I’ve thought “I could do that!”. If you can watch it full screen and in HD (ideally 4K if your computer and broadband are up to it), you’ll get the maximum experience. Magnificent.