Still tinkering

I used to be a computer programmer and I haven’t lost the pleasure to be had from figuring out how to alter or fix anything related to software. Nowadays this is likely to be exploring web design using HTML and CSS rather than writing computer code.

Using CSS within WordPress it’s possible to alter the design of a blog (providing you’ve paid a little extra for the upgrade). It can sometimes be quite a challenge. Here is an example of before and after screenshots of some recent changes I made to how an image gallery is displayed. I wanted to remove the Comment area, the view full-size option, as well as to centre the description text and to emphasise the ‘close gallery’ icon at the top. For the really curious, a screenshot of the CSS code is also shown.

Before CSS edits

After CSS edits

The CSS code!

A new look

Playing around with WordPress themes I now have a new look, though it may change again. This layout uses the Blissful theme. As well as the different look, I’ve also removed the right-column so that the blog is now a single column.

The magnificent, highly detailed background image (not visible on an iPad) is by the artist Lucy Haque.

WordPress – stop mucking up my images!

Apologies followers. WordPress is putting lines across some of my images.

Problem logged with WordPress