Some final pictures of Scarborough, taken with the camera, possibly the last for a while as it’s time to visit other places.

Staithes, on the Yorkshire Coast

What a lovely village Staithes is. I first visited it decades ago and I remember it as cold and grey. But on this visit it was a glorious, sunny day.
IMGP9967 IMGP0003 IMGP0009

There were children amongst the people on the breakwater wall (see image below) who eventually realised that their route back to the beach was cut off by the high tide and that they would have to wait for the sea to recede. Those crabbing on the short pier, however, were comparatively safe!

IMGP9962 IMGP9974

From Hull to hell

After a wet day in Hull, a final visit to Bridlington, a town that for so long has needed knocking down, and sadly still does. However there is an attractive South beach, and the Old Town is worth checking out, but even here there are signs of continuing decline.
. IMGP9909

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