Father’s Day

Father’s Day this year passed off without seeing my daughter and with seeing my son off at the airport on his way back to Berlin. My daughter usually gives me a card like this year’s card and always manages to write warm words about how wonderful a dad I am. Thank you, kid. On the…

Good to see you, son

My son lives and works in Berlin but he’s been working here at home in the UK for the past 3 weeks. It was over 15 months ago that we last saw him (other than video calls). On arriving into the UK he had to quarantine for 10 days and to have Covid tests on…

Not David Hockney

I have a copy of a David Hockney painting, “Red pots in the garden”. My latest project as not an artist was to paint it – see below for Hockney’s original. I’m OK with my effort and I enjoyed doing it. You can see my development / non-development at https://thingschange.blog/not-an-artist/

Cable guy

I took a temporary job in a cable factory….

WOW, just WOW!

Watch this, preferably full-screen on a big screen. I’m so envious! (The sound quality isn’t great, but the visuals….)

Make & bake Fimo

Chloe’s stunningly colourful Fimo models

Terribly Happy

It’s oddball, it’s strange, it’s Danish, and it’s a super gem of a film.

Writing without structure

I wonder whether this ignoring of normal formatting might be a way to overcome the difficulties I have putting down my thoughts.

Sleep cycle

My son put me on to an app for monitoring sleep patterns…..

I’m happy with this

I painted this from an image on the laptop and I think it’s my best so far.

Wagon Wheels are not bland!

Nearly 7 years old Chloe says Wagon Wheels are bland! I was astonished that she could think this but also that she knew the word ‘bland’!! Her Dad thinks they taste of cardboard. <shakes head>

Sleep cycle snow

It’s the day after my birthday and I woke up to check the results of an app I had loaded onto my phone to monitor my sleep cycle – just a bit of fun. I don’t know whether this chart is good or bad. I woke up feeling grotty, but that’s normal. There doesn’t seem…

13 miles!

A 13 mile walk

Headley Heath

The yellow butterflies were out in force on Headley Heath

Berlin bookstores

Berlin bookshops are considered ‘essential services’ during lockdown

Not an artist

I casually suggested to my daughter that on a Zoom call I could do some painting with the little ones.


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