appleSnack 1: 8th Sep 2017 – So, what’s this all about, Mike?

This is an experimental page for things that crop up (snacks) but which are not really suitable for a separate blog post. It will be constantly added to, like a blog, which is not how a static page is supposed to be used – but it’s my blog and it’s an experiment!

I initially thought I could achieve the same thing by posting each snack as a separate blog post, tagging it with the label ‘snacks’ and then using a WordPress shortcode to select and display those posts. The shortcode would be something like this:

{display-posts tag=”snacks” posts_per_page=”20″ include_content=”true” include_date=”true” wrapper=”div” posts_per_page=”10″}

Note that I’ve had to change the [brackets] into {brackets} so that WordPress doesn’t try to action the shortcode!

In the end I decided to not go the blog post / shortcode route since most of the snacks will probably not justify being a blog post. I may end up posting some snacks in the blog and I may even abandon this idea entirely!

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