Yep, things changed!

I used to be young, but am no longer. I am still six feet tall. The missus and I have lived in the same house for ages. We have two lovely kids and two adorable grandkids.

I used to work in IT. I loved being a programmer.

I take pictures (in RAW format) using a Sony RX100 Mk1 camera and an iPhone SE, and manipulate them using Photoshop Elements. I also have a Pentax DSLR camera which is so heavy it no longer gets taken out.

I read a lot. I blog a lot. I walk a lot. I compute a lot. I’m trying to expand my music experience, via Spotify. I like dark chocolate and strong cheeses and avoid food from anywhere east of Greece.

St Denys football team 1960
(That’s me with the ball!)

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