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I’ve become a smart person

Finally, we’ve gone over to smartphones – iPhones, no less! I just need someone to ring me.

I’ve really taken to the speech recognition capabilities, which I’ve found to be amazingly accurate. It solves the problem of entering text when small keys come up against a bloke’s fingertips.

On a rather grim afternoon I tried out the photo capabilities. It’s not up to my camera’s image quality but, with a bit of help from Photoshop, images are acceptable on a web page.
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Bags in a bag

The Ocado Internet shopping included a sealed plastic bag containing…. compostable caddy liners. I can only assume that this seemingly unnecessary packaging was needed to transport the goods from somewhere outside the Ocado distribution centre, but it doesn’t look good given current concerns regarding use of plastic bags.

Not everyone can whistle

Not everyone can whistle, but I have always been able to! I can even whistle and hum at the same time, as well as whistle by sucking in rather than blowing out. I like to think I whistle in tune.

When I was a kid, probably around 13 or 14, I thought I could compose tunes and so I whistled away with my little compositions. Of course nothing was memorable enough to survive, and so sadly I was no budding Lennon–McCartney.

Did he say giveaslays?

The guy on the right brought the centre of Birmingham to a halt. After watching this video I find this a total mystery, but I guess I’m not his target audience! I found subtitles helpful.

Naïve art

What’s the only thing grandad can draw, I ask nearly 5 years old Chloe? A house, she always replies. Here’s my pathetic effort – my artistic daughter approves of the perspective!


When I was a kid I used to have two recurring nightmares. There was the falling one and the chewing tobacco one. I don’t know over what period they lasted but they eventually came to an end. They were both extremely unpleasant nightmares.

Last night I had a nightmare in which I became extremely distressed (in the nightmare) and which I brought to an end in order to end my distress. Even so, I was still very shaken despite being awake. Fortunately I don’t get many dreams or nightmares like that.

I seem to be able to bring a dream to an end simply by recognising it’s a dream and deciding to end it. Well that’s what I think is happening. I don’t know whether that’s the same for everyone.

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