The Itchen Way walk – stage 1

I started the first stage of the Itchen Way walk under the Itchen Bridge, having decided to skip the short section at the beginning of the Itchen Way between Weston Shore and the bridge. The images are in sequence from the start to the end of the walk at Eastleigh. It’s not a great walk and hopefully the other stages, from Eastleigh to the source of the River Itchen, will be more attractive / interesting. It was a very, very hot day for a 7 or 8 mile walk and took 4 hours.

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The Saturday Times

We’d never been able to complete the last half-dozen clues in the Saturday Times’ big crossword without resorting to Google. Yesterday we managed it apart from having to confirm there was a Tolkien novel called ‘The Silmarillion’ (20 across). Well done us!

Also in The Times there was a mouth watering review of Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles by Tom Bower, describing the heir to the throne as “utterly out of touch and addicted to luxury” as well as being “an Olympian whinger”. Can’t wait for the paperback edition!

I sympathised with Janice Turner’s article Labour has been lost to fools and crackpots.

In Extremis – Tim Parks

In Extremis by Tim Parks is a wonderful novel. Centred around a dying mother and a son’s angst, it’s very, very funny.

My mum died just 3 months ago and the son’s indecision, his relationships with his mother and family, and dealing with death and funerals clearly resonated with me.

Religion and anal massage are also covered! A book to be read again.

Walking the Itchen Way

The Itchen Way is a 30 mile walk along the length of the River Itchen. The walk commences where the Itchen feeds into Southampton Water, and ends at the Itchen’s approximate source near Cheriton, near New Alresford. I’m planning to do the walk in 4 parts:

    1. Western Shore, Southampton to Bishopstoke near Eastleigh (9 miles)
    2. Bishopstoke to Winchester (7½ miles)
    3. Winchester to Itchen Stoke (7½ miles)
    4. Itchen Stoke to approximate source at Cheriton (6½ miles)

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Preparing for a longer walk

With plans to walk the Itchen Way, it seemed sensible to get some walks in now that Spring has arrived. Today’s walk began on a warm, sunny morning, probably the first of the year. Starting from Westhumble Station the walk went on to Polesden Lacey and then Bookham before the bus and train back home. Sadly my reactions weren’t quick enough to capture images of the yellow butterfly, the pheasant and the rabbit, though the sheep were more obliging.

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