Chilly Gonzales

CM Blues
Salon Salloon
Minor Fantasy
Music is Back – exciting!
Sweet Burden
From a concert (4 minutes)
From a concert (2 minutes)
But he is a genius!

And some poppy stuff

Absolutely delightful
Elvis Costello
A Paul McCartney song
Indiara Sfair
Great mouth organing!
Galt MacDermot
And a wonderful video, too
Paul McCartney
Not what I expected
Hugh Cornwell
Golden Brown – happy music!
The Jeremy Spencer Band
Cool Breeze – nice and easy
Fkj & Masego
Impressive musicianship
Pinback – BBTone
Best played loud
Gerry Rafferty – Full Moon
Steely Dan – Any Major Dude..
Steely Dan – Fire in the hole
What a great piano
Everything I Know – Benny Sings
Easy listening pop!
Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

Guy Garvey – Electricity
The Devil’s Daughters – Rock Boppin’ Baby
What’s not to like!

From my youth – Bronco

Strange Awakening
Well Anyhow
New Day Avenue

Great albums

Pinback – 2nd album

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