It’s worth walking around the developments at the rear of Kings Cross station. Not much appears to have changed since my last visit, but I’m sure it must have!
Marylebone High Street is a lovely street (it’s a fair distance to walk from Kings Cross!). The Oxfam bookshop has been revamped and now sells clothes. Boo! Unfortunately I couldn’t find any books on this visit.
A light, cafe-lunch at the Nordic Bakery, which is just off the High Street, was very pleasant. Thanks for lunch, Lucy. Its web site has probably the worst home page you’re ever likely to come across!
I managed to find a couple of novels (full price!) at the wonderful Daunt Books. Curiously they section books by country, which makes for a different browsing experience. It’s well worth a visit.

Rear of Kings Cross Station
Nordic Bakery
Off Marylebone High Street
Daunt Books
Marylebone High Street

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