Shakespeare – is he any good?

shakesBLOGToday I went to my see my first Shakespeare play, The Comedy of Errors. So, how was it?

Firstly, I had problems hearing the dialogue – I have only one functioning ear. [My brother texted me on his way home, suggesting that I should get a hearing aid. Thanks, bruv.] I had briefly read a synopsis of the play before the start, but which I couldn’t follow (it’s an age thing). Despite these difficulties I was able to get the gist of the story which is basically a cross between a Whitehall farce, a Monty Python sketch and a Carry On film. There are two sets of twins, but no one knows there are these twins, and chaos reigns when one half of the twin is mistaken for the other half. There is double the confusion because there are two sets of twins! That’s it, apart from the details!

So, what did I make of my first Shakespeare play? Firstly, the Globe is a wonderful theatre. I would strongly recommend hiring a seat cushion and also not having a glass of wine both before the play and during the interval. I sort of enjoyed the play. I suspect it’s not one of Shakespeare’s best. I think it might have been his first. It’s not as funny as it should have been, but I probably missed a lot due to this being my first experience and the hearing issues. Would I go again? Yes, as I think I’ve probably lost my fear of Shakespeare. I wouldn’t mind watching a play from the Yard (ground-level, standing area), which costs a mere £5. [Being 6 feet tall may be to my advantage in the standing area].

All in all, a fun afternoon on a brilliant, sunny day, with a decent Pizza Express meal afterwards. Thanks, bruv and sister-in-law!

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