CaptureOscar is a lively and attractive restaurant which is part of the Charlotte Street Hotel. For £35 per person we enjoyed a three-course late-lunch, followed by a film (Gone Girl) in the private cinema.

One of the cheaper bottles of wine at £27, plus coffees and a service charge of 12.5% bumped it up to £200 for the four of us, but we did have a very nice time and I would thoroughly recommend Oscar.

The film was pretty good, too, though the front couple of rows in the comfortable and small cinema are pretty close to the screen! The film Gone Girl is a curiosity. It’s a thriller, with several twists, that holds your attention for well over two hours. I was disappointed midway through the film when the the basic mystery was revealed. And I think many people were left stunned by the ending (“No way!”). But overall it was a pretty good movie.

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