Saturday’s Guardian magazine

GuardianWhat an interesting Saturday Guardian magazine!

Sophie Heawood’s article on lying is fun was amusing. I laughed out loud at the idea of telling one’s child that the ice cream van only plays music when it’s run out of ice cream!

Bim Adewunmi has a crush on Frasier Crane. I think this is a healthy crush to have.

Actor Jonathan Price in the Q & A says the most important lesson life has taught him is ‘that it will be OK’. I like that.

My face was stolen online was a fascinating read on how the writer’s face was used by someone else to construct a false online identity.

The main article on Ed Miliband was interesting and sympathetic. There was also a long article, with some nice pictures, on heroic dogs, though I wasn’t interested enough to read the text. I skim-read an article on excessive fitness.

Finally, I was perplexed by an advert for Coca Cola describing Coca Cola Zero as having zero sugar and zero calories whilst Diet Coke was described as having no sugar and no calories.

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