My days in IT are over

codeI’m old enough to have been involved in the early days of ‘computing’. Of course it’s now called IT (or is it?).

I was bookshelf-browsing and I came across some of my old computing books and it just seemed to be the right time to clear out a few of them.

So out goes Access 97 Programming For Dummies. My days of Access database programming are well and truly over. Back in the late 90s this was a well-used guide.

Out goes Web Design For Dummies. The only web design I do now is selecting a pre-designed blog template and adding some customisations using CSS (I have a manual!).

Out goes Short Order HTML 4 and JavaScript for the World Wide Web. Ditto previous paragraph. Two lovely books but I’m a blogger now and HTML and JavaScript, neither of which I really got going with, are no longer of use.

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