A visit to our son’s new flat – he passed the parental-approval test! Berlin flats are mainly rented and very affordable in comparison to London. Housing in Berlin seems so very sensible, though I do find it strange that every radiator has to have a gadget fixed to it that measures the amount of heat used and which needs to be read by a radiator-man every year.

On to a cafe and then to a building I’m sworn to secrecy. Then on to my son and girlfriend’s ‘garden with cottage attached’ – a delightful plot of land with a lawn, areas for growing fruit and vegetables, and with a wooden house! An amazing retreat for very little cost. Bread, an indecent amount of German cheese and a bottle of German red wine made for a lazy late-lunch.

Dinner in the truly amazing Bavarian restaurant Zur Haxe finished off a wonderful day.

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