GuardianIn today’s Guardian, this item, part of a very funny series about the writer’s experience with online dating, made me smile:

I’ve learned not to make snap judgments. Sexual chemistry can surprise you

[“Miles thought I was being overcautious. Caution will gain us nothing, at this stage of our lives, he said. As he’s 59, about to be 60, this was perhaps a little over-inclusive.”]

Being a dad and grandad, and being the eve of Father’s Day, this item made me cry:

A letter to … My dad, who didn’t live to see my sons

[“I yearn for my boys to have known you and to have kicked a ball with you, or to have seen what an amazing golfer you were. I love to have seen them sitting on your lap, laughing with you, being tickled by you, cuddling you, hearing them say the word grandad.”]

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