NoFoodFinding somewhere to eat in North Wales’ villages on a Sunday or Monday evening is a bit iffy! Nothing available at the three Llanrhaeadr pubs tonight. We sat down in the only cafe in the village but struggled to find anything we fancied. One of the items we chose was no longer available and eventually we walked out.

The Green Inn, a few miles out of the village, was closed on Mondays. The Railway Inn, also a few miles out, didn’t do food on Monday or Tuesday evenings.

We resorted to buying some rolls and cheese slices from the village store and eating them in the Llangynog village car park.  The disappointment of the evening was increased when, after eating these delights, we realised the cheese had a ‘Best before’ date of a week ago! When we then called into the adjacent New Inn pub for a drink we found that they actually did do food on a Monday – but sadly we had already eaten!

Eating out on a Monday night shouldn’t be this hard!

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