d5a6c-bookworm92Seven books read in June – a record, and all a good read!

  1. Pieces for the Left Hand – J. Robert Lennon [100 very short stories – OK]
  2. Confessions – Kanae Minato [Recommended Japanese novel about kids, murder and revenge]
  3. Loss – Tony Black [Enjoyable, violent crime novel set in Edinburgh]
  4. The Blue Tango – Eoin McNamee [Highly recommended]
  5. The Blunders of our Governments – Anthony King & Ivor Crewe [Recommended]
  6. The Story of My Disappearance – Paul Watkins [Recommended]
  7. The Sins of the Fathers – Lawrence Block [Recommended]

At the beginning of July I started on two new books (from my recent successful visit to Skoob Books) and I struggled hopelessly to get into either of them. Having abandoned them and having no holiday reading, I borrowed a copy of a Lee Child novel, The Affair. That was the right thing to do after two consecutive bad ‘uns, and I whizzed through its 500+ pages in a day and a half. It’s terrific hokum and my 5th Lee Child novel. Fortunately he churns them out even faster than I can read them!

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