Prefab Homes – Elisabeth Blanchet


Prefab Homes by Elisabeth Blanchet is a sixty page history of the prefabs built after the Second World War as a temporary solution to the housing shortage.

With many images, this is a nostalgic and useful little book, particularly for anyone who, like me, spent their childhood in a prefab.

6 thoughts on “Prefab Homes – Elisabeth Blanchet

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      1. Yes and you could hear it when people went to the loo! My cousins lived in one and they were so compact. Similar to static homes that people live in now. They were a perfect solution to rapidly-built homes after the WWII bombings. There are so many homeless people in the UK who would be glad of one. I know of many people who are living in homes made from shipping containers – we ourselves will be going to live on a boat soon.

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