owl_iconI’ve just watched 5 episodes of the ITV drama Paranoid. Heads should roll for this mess. Some normally classy actors are probably wishing they had turned it down. A potty story, terrible script and acting – and there’s another 3 episodes in the coming weeks! But I guess I should see it through to the end.
owl_iconI enjoyed the Clive James review in today’s Guardian of A History of Pictures by David Hockney and Martin Gayford. Additionally, Clive James’ aside on how to remain young will stay with me – “one is more likely to make it through to Thursday if something interesting happens on Wednesday”.
owl_iconAlso in today’s Guardian, an interesting article Ali Smith on the prime of pop artist Pauline Boty. I’d never heard of Pauline Boty – what a tragic life!
“Who was Boty? The usual version is tragic; she was a bright young thing, gorgeous and vivacious, who died a young and tragic death in 1966 from cancer aged only 28. The tragedy is compounded by circumstance; the cancer had been discovered in a pregnancy checkup. She had been offered an abortion so she could have radiotherapy (without the abortion, no treatment, was the law), but turned down both in favour of the baby. She died in July 1966 less than five months after giving birth to her daughter. The decades after her death were layered with attendant sadnesses: her husband, the literary agent Clive Goodwin, died in a messy and tragic way in the late 70s in the US, then their daughter, Boty Goodwin, who had gone on to become an artist herself, overdosed and died the night after her graduation, almost as young as her mother.”

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