At last – a decision and an action! I now have a new little camera to complement my bulky DSLR. It’s the highly rated Sony RX100 1 (the range goes up to 5) and, at first look, appears to be a very nice toy. I’m hoping for great things from this gadget but I have to get use to taking pictures using the screen rather than through a viewfinder. The first image I took is of the ground floor of the Milton Keynes Holiday Inn, which I can recommend for an overnight stay.



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  1. I switch between a small point and shoot and a DSLR. The other day I was working in the rain with the DSLR. Inside I needed a wider perspective for which the little chap is best. I used that for a while, then returned to the biggie. Alas, I couldn’t get a picture on the display – just techie info. I was convinced I had water-damaged the camera. Until I remembered I was supposed to be looking through the viewfinder.

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