In Saturday’s Guardian there was an interesting article on the closure of Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium.

I have fond memories of the only time I went greyhound racing, at Wimbledon, with half-a-dozen work colleagues.

As well as 10 or so races to bet on, we had some surprisingly good food. My cautious colleagues decided to place £2 each-way bets on each race, but I decided to follow a riskier strategy. I was prepared to lose up to £50 over the course of the evening (yet still have a good time), so I went for £5 bets, each race, on a dog to win. Riskier but potentially more rewarding!

How did we do? My recollection is that most of my colleagues lost small amounts overall, whereas I ended £50 up by the end of the evening! No skill involved, just a lot of luck and a riskier betting strategy. A night that now, cannot be repeated.

Wimbledon Greyhound Track closed last night and will be knocked down to be replaced by a football stadium for AFC Wimbledon, 600 new homes and a leisure centre.

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