Winchester is an historic city – ruins, walls, old buildings and a cathedral. But these aren’t my scene, and on a gloriously sunny day I was looking for images, for colour. In the event, I’m not happy with the few usable shots I took, so I’ve thrown in a Clapham Junction shot as well. Despite this, I found Winchester to be a pleasant place to visit, helped by a sunny day. It has a decent high-street and plenty of interesting side streets to explore. And I did manage to buy a book from an independent bookshop.

Whilst wandering around the city I received a text message – “Have you heard the news?” Not having a smartphone, I hadn’t, and fearing a nuclear strike on the Korean Peninsula (!), I rang L then J, only to discover that a general election has been called. This is not a big enough deal to justify calling off my visit!

Regarding the election, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is we’ve got 7 weeks of electioneering to endure. The good news is we’ve only got another 7 weeks with Corbyn as the leader of the Labour Party (remember you first read that prediction, here!).

On the train back I kept falling asleep / waking up and realising my mouth was wide open. That’s old-age for you.

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