The cinema has 108 seats and there were just a dozen patrons waiting to see the subtitled film. So why did an oldish man enter the auditorium and sit in the front row, bang in the middle, followed a minute later by another oldish man who also sat in the front row but at the seat at the end of the row? Nobody sits in the front row out of choice! How do you take in the full width of the screen whilst reading the subtitles? But the two men stayed the full 2 hours duration of the film, so unless they were there for a sleep (costing £8.50 each), they must have gained some pleasure from watching it. Very odd.

As I often do, I Bing’d “front row of the cinema” (until recently I googled) and found this lovely little blog post on this very subject. Enjoy!

And a final thought, I also Bing’d “Googling vs Bing-ing” and came across this charming 2010 article

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