I’m feeling better this morning!

Firstly, my cold, which is in its fourth day, is on the turn.

Secondly, I’ve managed to fully charge my laptop! I’ve been struggling to charge it because of wonky connections and I’d become resigned to replacing the machine. But last night I found the old unreliable power cable and it works better than the new unreliable power cable. This means the pressure is off to find a replacement laptop. Yippee!

So why do I need to replace the laptop if it’s just the power cable that’s faulty? Well it’s because it appears to be more a case of the cable becoming unreliable because of all the wiggling required to make it work in a wonky power connector inside the laptop. I’ve youtubed (made up verb) how to fix a wonky power connector and it’s beyond my skills and I don’t suppose I could get it fixed externally for less than £150 (including another new cable). So I’m resigned to having to replace my trusty 2011, Samsung laptop, although this morning’s success with the old cable eases the pressure.

I’ve started to look at new laptops, and it’s so hard! In the old days you would pop into a store and choose from a limited range. Now, online, there’s hundreds, with multiple options and configurations. I thought I’d identified a suitable Dell laptop, but the curse of the Internet throws up lousy reviews regarding the quality of the screen. It’s a nightmare making decisions in the 21st century, particularly having been brought up in an era when there wasn’t much choice.

On the subject of past eras, I’ve just started reading Alan Johnson’s third memoir, The Long and Winding Road.

Having a cold allowed me to zip through All the Old Knives, by Olen Steinhauer. I’m not really into spy novels but this is a terrific read. Most of the story takes place around a meal, where two former lovers vie to discover / hide the truth. It’s a tense, well written, highly enjoyable read.

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