There was an excellent interview with the film director Wim Wenders on Thursday’s Channel 4 News. In it he talks about the Polaroid snapshots he has taken throughout his life. He also  comments on the part he played in the career of the now disgraced Harvey Weinstein, as well as taking a dig at Trump whom he refuses to call by his name, preferring instead to call him Mr. 45. (Trump is the 45th American president).

[Wim Wenders’ best known film is Paris Texas, which I was a huge fan of, though whenever I tried to watch it again I always fell asleep. It’s long and slow-moving.]

Trump is in the news today because it seems that the Renoir painting that he has on display is in fact a fake, the original being in the Art Institute of Chicago! Worse still, he insists it isn’t a fake!! There’s an interesting Vanity Fair article on this by Trump’s biographer Tim O’Brien.

In other news about fakes, Marina Hyde writes in the Guardian about how she may have unwittingly started the false claim, which has fooled social media, that Trump was accompanied on a recent trip by a look-alike wife.

Strange times!

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