train-set-on-floorI don’t have many memories of my childhood but I do remember when the train set disappeared, though my recollection may be a bit dodgy.

My dad brought me / us a train set (for Christmas?) and I have fond memories of laying the track to run under the furniture. My guess is that it was a clockwork train, though I don’t really remember. I don’t know how long we had it, I suspect not very long, but when my dad again left the family home for what was to be the last time, the train set disappeared as well.

The explanation I’ve told myself since that time over 50 years ago, is that my dad took the train set with him, but it’s always puzzled me as to why he would have done that.

For no good reason I have recently pondered whether my dad did actually take the train set when he left. The only other explanation for its disappearance is that my mum kept the train set from us. But why? She couldn’t be bothered to get it out? It was a reminder of my dad? She sold it (we were poor)? Although my mum is still alive, her situation doesn’t make it an option to pursue this, and it really isn’t important.

But it’s interesting that even after such a long time it’s possible to look at something in a completely different light!


    1. As I said, it really isn’t important. I guess it’s one of my few childhood memories. Only recently did it cross my mind that there was an explanation different to the one I had long held. A curiosity rather than a bug!

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