Sunday things

Earlier in the week I made one of my regular trips to Southampton. I’ve got into the habit of travelling by train – surely the most civilised form of transport. Apart from those rare times that I get involved in a conversation with a fellow passenger, I probably get 3 to 4 hours of quality reading over the two journeys. On this trip I was finishing off Graham Swift’s novel, Tomorrow, which I enjoyed, before moving on to Patrick Flanery’s novel, I Am No One.
Today, Sunday, has been drab, so as well as more reading, I tinkered with CSS on my blog to see if I could put some text between the homepage banner and the post thumbnails – yes I can!

I was finding Patrick Flanery’s novel, I Am No One incredibly dull, but at around page 140 things picked up and I raced through the final 200 pages. So I’ve mixed feelings about the book, which is a sort of thriller about privacy and surveillance. Interestingly, on the reviews are completely split over its merits!

And finally, looking out the window at the end of the day I was taken by the colours of the clouds as sunset approached.


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