This is a post to see how one could use a WordPress blog to sell things.

Within the WordPress Premium Plan that I’m on (but not on the free Personal Plan) there is a very basic feature for selling items. To do anything with any degree of sophistication one has to upgrade to the Business Plan.

There are several major limitations to the simple feature available in the Premium Plan.

  • You can’t buy several items at the same time. Each item requires individually going through the payment screen.
  • You can pay by PayPal. You can also pay by credit/debit card but you are required to create a PayPal account as part of the payment process.
  • There’s no stock control so until I remove a purchased item from the blog post, an item could potentially be purchased by more than one person!

So here it is. These are two live items – a sale and a donation. Personally I don’t think there’s much sense selling second-hand books on-line unless you’re selling hundreds each week – there’s just too little margin. Anyway, here goes.

[UPDATE: Items now removed. They were only ever intended as an exercise!]


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