The American actor and magician, Ricky Jay, has died.

In one of my favourite films, Things Change, Ricky Jay has a small part with some memorable David Mamet lines. The film opens as follows:

Shoe-shop owner: “May I help you?”
Silver (Ricky Jay): “A friend of ours would like to speak to you this evening.”
Shoe-shop owner: “I just shine shoes.”
Silver (Ricky Jay): “There’ll be shoes there.”

I can hear Ricky Jay’s voice as I read these lines. I love this film but it’s rarely shown on TV and I’ve never been able to find a DVD. I do, however, have the book of the screenplay, and what a joy it is.

Ricky Jay was best known as a magician rather than as an actor. I found this little drama that combines the two.

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