I’ve had a lovely, relaxing 4 days away in the delightful village of Llanrhaeadr, just inside the Welsh border. This visit was primarily to attend my Aunt Isobel’s funeral, but I was overdue for and ready to come anyway.

This is my lovely Aunty May who I am always happy to spend so much time talking to, about family and things.

She used to make jars of marmalade and jam but now seems to concentrate on pickles!

There’s not much in the way of street lighting in the village, which makes for a slightly creepy but pleasurable night stroll to the pub. The smell of the smoke from the house fires adds to the atmosphere.

In front of the spectacular Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall, an almost 4-mile walk from the village of Llanrhaeadr.

A rare selfie!

And finally, the trip schedule
(for the next time)

Outward trip (5½ hours)

  • Home station 8:30 to Victoria 9:00
    OR Home station 8:40 to Victoria 9:15 (this is cutting it fine)
  • Victoria Line tube to Euston
  • Euston 9:43 to Birmingham International 10:53
  • Birmingham International 11:10 to Gobowen 12:43
  • Gobowen (bus 2 outside chip shop) 13:07 to Oswestry bus station 13:17
  • Oswestry bus station (bus 79A, stand 3) 13:30 to Llanrhaeadr 14:09
    (this is the one and only bus to the village! And not on Sundays!!)

Return trip (6¼ hours)

  • Llanrhaeadr bus 10:03 to Oswestry bus station 10:42
  • Oswestry bus station (bus 2, stand 1) 11:38 to Gobowen 11:46
  • Gobowen 12:10 to Birmingham International 13:50
  • Birmingham International 14:00 to London Euston 15:15
  • Victoria Line tube to Victoria
  • Train to home station arrive around 16:15

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