It’s a nightmare going by car from North Surrey to Milton Keynes. Getting there it was the South/North Circular – a mere 14 miles in the first hour, followed by the M1 motorway. The return journey was M1 and M25 which was going well until it wasn’t. Five hours total driving is no fun on our road system.

Satellite navigation on the phone meant I could drive myself from somewhere in Milton Keynes to what turned out to be the charming, small town of Stony Stratford. Negotiating Milton Keynes without it would have been impossible.

The Willen Hospice Bookshop in Stony Stratford had only just re-opened. It’s an excellent second-hand, charity bookshop, but with current restrictions of a maximum of two customers at a time and with other book-lovers waiting to enter, it wasn’t the usual relaxing browsing . Nevertheless I managed to grab five books, though with rather less deliberation than usual. They’re currently in 72 hours’ quarantine in the garage (don’t ask!)

Stony Stratford map

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