1921 – 2018

My mum would have been 100 today. This is her on her 93rd birthday. She didn’t look her age, and it’s how I remember her.

In her later years, but before going into care, she liked sitting down with her feet up; watching TV and Holby City; reading the Mirror and the Daily Echo; chewing toffees; visits from her family; visits from the carers; tea but not coffee. She dozed a lot.

She loved driving and the independence it gave her. At the age of 89 she stopped driving – and her swollen knee suddenly got better.

She was a strong old lady. She had a lovely smile and looked a bit like our Queen. We all miss her.


  1. We never stop missing them, do we, Mike? It’s said that no-one really dies as long as someone remembers them. On that basis your Mum is still with you, and no doubt still has her eye on you even now.


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