40 years!

What a great day in London to celebrate 40 years of wedded bliss. Noises Off at the Novello Theatre, Aldwych was classic farce. Acts 1 & 3 were to die for! A wonderful meal at the Palm Court Brasserie in Covent Garden rounded off a wonderful day. Thank you wife and family.

12 mile walk from Dorking to Guildford

This was the second time this year that I walked from Dorking to Guildford, mainly along the North Downs Way.  It’s essentially uphill for the first half and then downhill for the second half. A surprising treat at the end was the stunning view overlooking Pewley Down, which is well worth a revisit. I bumped into an American family on the walk who were from Boston and living in the UK for three years.  They were loving our weather!  I entered the centre of Guildford via a very narrow alleyway – I think there may be a lot more to Guildford than the main streets!

My worst job

The worst job I ever had was working in a supermarket meat  and cheese department.  It was OK cutting and packing the cheese.  It was OK packing the cuts of meat.  What wasn’t OK was having to scrub the walk-in freezer floor with a wire-brush in order to remove congealed blood!  Bloody cold!!

My first computer

The first computer I came upon was an IBM 1130. I had dropped out of studying A-Level physics and was required to fill my time at college with something else.  I don’t remember how I came to be sitting in on a computing course, but eventually it lead to a career in computing.

The IBM 1130 had lots of lights and switches though I don’t remember what purpose they served. My first attempt at trying to draw a flow-chart, the initial step required to write a computer program, was a complete failure – I totally failed to understand what was required!  Undeterred, I went on to become a decent computer programmer (I think).

North Downs Way

What’s with the trains today?  Finally made it to Dorking and eventually managed to pick up the North Downs Way heading for Gomshall, I guess about 5 or so miles along a good, waymarked path.  A rather grey day with some nice sunbeams through the clouds.  Trains from Gomshall are every 2 hours and I just missed one!  Amazingly there are still country bus routes and half-hourly as well.