The old horse & the ladybird

I took my very heavy DSLR camera on my walk today, to see if I could cope with the cumbersomeness of it and to see if the pictures were better than my little Sony. I’m very disappointed with the pictures but these two are OKish. The camera is very cumbersome so I think I’ll stick to my Sony, though I might have a go taking the DSLR out with the telephoto lens to see if I can get something interesting.

My Sony camera is no more

One month on and my lovely Sony RX100 camera bites the dust. The lens will no longer fully retract or fully open and it’s just not economic to get it repaired.
With more than acceptable images coming out of my iPhone I don’t think I’ll rush to replace the Sony, and I still have my Pentax DSLR I can use. But the Pentax is bulky and weighs a ton, so I’ll only take it out when I have my rucksack to lug it around!

My broken Sony camera

My 2 year-old Sony RX100 camera wouldn’t fully open the telescopic lens nor would it fully retract it. Neither powering it off and on or removing the battery or pushing / pulling the lens had any effect.

As usual, an Internet search threw up many similar experiences as well as many solutions that worked for some and not for others. No way was I going to venture opening it up to replace a cable or wiggle this or that. But I did try a suggestion to loosen the screws in the base of the camera body. And it worked! After a little re-tightening of the screws so that they didn’t work themselves out,  all is well. We’ll see…